Terms and Conditions

1. Buyer & Nellange Scandinavia AB enters into a purchase agreement online, the buyer approves with the purchase, requirements and policy rules that are written.

2. Delivery of digital material takes place after payment is completed in the form of membership. Buyers gain access to online video training through a membership on Nellange Scandinavia AB's website through wix.com. Payment must therefore be made before material is released. Right of withdrawal does not apply to signed agreements, as the services / material are of such a nature that they are exempted from the scope of the Act in accordance with 2 chapter. 11 § p. 11. The Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59). With the conclusion of the Agreement as well as confirmed purchase, the customer agrees that the right of withdrawal shall not apply.

3. All prices are set excluding VAT, Nellange Scandinavia AB reserves the right to price adjust all products.

4. Membership is personal with the purchaser and cannot be transferred. Materials to which Buyers gain access through membership may under no circumstances be shared or displayed to a third party or disseminated. Copying and sharing materials infringes the author's exclusive rights. Infringement of the author's rights can result in both penalties and damages and is sentenced in accordance with Swedish law. Read more about copyright infringement. 

*Exceptions apply to files that Nellange scandinavia AB has approved for private use only.

Limitation of Liability

Nellange Scandinavia AB is not responsible for how the subscriber uses or applies the ordered services and has no responsibility towards third parties for the subscriber's application or use. Nellange Scandinavia AB is not responsible for any changes and additions that the subscriber makes in connection with the use of the services ordered. The contents of the documents included in the services are based on Swedish law applied by Swedish law enforcement authorities at the latest when the subscriber was granted access to them. Nellange Scandinavia AB is not responsible for the accuracy of downloaded documents in the future.

Return Policy


Pursuant to Chapter 2, Section 4, § 1 p. The Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59) with the conclusion of the Agreement, the customer agrees that the right of withdrawal shall not apply.

Promotional code

The validity of the promotional code is time-limited; the code can only be used within the time period specified for each code. The user can indicate and confirm the code in the designated promotional code field in the order placement procedure. Once the code has been successfully confirmed, the resulting discount value (in the event that the promotional code provides a discount) is automatically deducted from the value of the order, and the user must pay the difference to the total value of the order. Within one order placement procedure, only one promotional code can be used at a time.

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